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Business Automation and Workflows

Many companies have developed an overall business strategy but often times are unsure how to translate their strategy into the implementation of technology. A technology roadmap provides your business with a segmented stepwise approach to achieve your company’s business goals for the long term. This document provides an extremely high level and well defined map to compare future progress against a long term technology plan. A technology roadmap does not define specific projects as it relates to your business; instead it focuses more on your strategy and technology goals as a whole.

Some situations when you may want to partner with saicomputer for our Roadmapping, Analysis and Software Architecture Services include:

  • You would like to move an existing product to the Cloud and need the technical design to ensure the security and scalability are preserved and enhanced
  • You are looking for a turn-key specification document that includes functional requirements and technical underpinnings that you can put out to bid by multiple vendors
  • You are ready to mobile-enable your offering but want to ensure that platform selection, user interface, and technical design are all done right
  • You are switching to a SaaS product delivery and want to define the technical approach to the multi-tenant implementation
  • You are looking to refactor a legacy product into MVC tiered-architecture but do not have resources who know MVC well enough to understand the level of complexity and effort involved in refactoring
  • You have an idea and a business plan and need to select the technology and create the technical roadmap on how your idea will become a reality
  • You are building a new product but before retaining Xanthus to build it you want to scope it out and plan the implementation track
  • You would like assistance with a particular track of Road Map definition such as Technology Selection or UX design

Software architecture design is an indispensable part of any software project, providing a clear technical vision for efficient and timely completion of the development process. Businesses are under increasing pressure to adapt rapidly and effortlessly, so the right balance between design that ensures both business agility and responsiveness is essential.

Based on mature, field-proven design, assessment, and estimation methodologies, our software architecture service offerings include design/discovery of green-field solution architecture and operations, assessment of existing architecture, legacy architecture modernization, and long-term architectural project support.

We increase communication and superior architectural understanding among stakeholders of the system and enable them to make informed decisions about architectural design or upgrade in the light of:

  • Clarified quality attribute requirements
  • Recorded data using qualitative questioning technique
  • Improved architecture documentation
  • Documented basis for making architectural decisions
  • Prioritization of conflicting quality goals
  • Identification of risks early in the software development life cycle (SDLC)

The other terms in use for evaluation of architectures are: assessment, analysis, validation, & review.

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